2019 Winners

Declare Hope

Creation of a platform to provide educational resources about pancreatic cancer to promote open dialogue and bridge the gap between doctors, patients, caregivers, and community members.

Zdruzenje EuropaColon Slovenia

Creation of a program to provide educational support to patients and their caregivers by engaging retired oncologists, radiologists, and other HCPs to provide consultations that offer psycho-oncological support along with a written brochure about the importance of doctor-patient dialogue.

Fundacja Europa Colon Polska

A program to develop a series of workshops to improve communication about pancreatic cancer between patients and physicians at oncology centers across Poland.

KEFI of Athens Greece

An upgrade to the organization’s website and application to include informational and educational tools including guidelines, tips, and infographics to improve doctor-patient communication.

PKNN Norway

Creation of an application to support patients communicating with relatives, caregivers, and healthcare teams and helping them organize their everyday routines with each subset of interactions.